my garden

one of my postcards from the bleak years, I seem to have three shoe boxes full ~ at 5p each they were my wicked self-indulgences ~ and look at me now, living in clover thanks entirely to benefits !

A full night of telly I'm afraid ~ 6.30 0nwards ~ Ch/4 News / Jeremy Paxman's Rivers/ Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson / Britain Afloat / Dad's Army / and Lucy Worsley's Opera programme ~ good job I just had a bath ~ must make supper now, YES, listening to Radio 4 News !!   What a life !

Monday afternoon and grey again and dreary ~ Sue was here to change my bedding ready for the laundry tomorrow ~ got through to S's help line on phone and having persuaded Chris in Belfast that S's deliveries are an absolute life line for this old bat, he contacted our local  store and hopes that by tomorrow Clarks Yard will once again be deliverable to (!) ~ meanwhile I've signed up with Tesco where minimum order must be £40 worth of goods compared to £25 at Sainsbury's though somehow it always worked out at £50 or more in any case ~ it seems the problems with this end of Church Street are the cobbles and the narrowness and the swarming crowds but as I pointed out to this Chris, Clarks Yard is below all that and the grocery van can easily park just round the corner by the phone box ~ let's hope our pleas are heard, mine and Mary's.

Amazingly a response from Tesco assuring me deliveries will be available again shortly ~ meanwhile Mary has heard from S's that their delivery service will include Clarks Yard by the end of the week ~ on Kindle I've been ploughing through a novel which did not really interest me, and in any case was not well written ~ conversations given in full and the content then repeated in full ~ I wont give the title ~ that would not be fair ~ suffice it to tell you it is about Prince Arthur and his Spanish bride around 1500 ~ so slow !   Now I have downloaded a book set in the North East around 1900 which looks much more interesting ~ my eyes are so bad it makes me a very slow reader, and that is with the Kindle on its highest magnification ~this one is "Miss Appleby's Academy" by by Elizabeth Gill ~ with reading such a struggle I can't afford to waste time.  Much to the relief of my family, last week I applied for a hearing aid ~ just had a message from Health Centre that one of the doctors will call tomorrow to test my ears ~ mind you, I've been deaf for years ~ the children have all told me how when they asked for permission to do somethin or other, they knew very well I had no idea what they were on about ~ it was pure chance whether they got a YES or a NO ~ my answer depended on the look on their faces and the tone of voice they used ~ a wonder we did not have the odd disaster !  John rang ~ the wind is so fierce he did not fancy climbing ladders to paint the windows on this floor ~ hoping tomorrow will be better ~ we are getting the remnants of the hurricane that caused so much havoc in California and several deaths ~ Ireland got a battering yesterday ~ the weather men say it has lost most of its power now, but it could still be wild.   With 2 litres of milk Mary brought, I've put a rice pud in the oven ~ slow cooked in the bottom oven there is nothing like it ~ when Bill first came into the family, Georgie's Bill, they'd phone to say they were on their way over and "will you put a rice pudding in the oven . . ."   Bill loved it but seems to have gone off it now ~ the first time I suggested rice pudding he asked do you eat it hot or cold ~ the only way he knew it was out of a tin, and that in spite of being a thoroughbred Yorkshire lad, and jockey to boot!

Tuesday 8.30pm ~ Thank goodness ~ Sainsbury's online groceries is back and tomorrow I will make out an order ~ I still have bread, cheese, a couple of eggs and thanks to Tom milk ~ it was a worry not knowing how I could get groceries ~ I'm slowly and steadily working my way through the house getting rid of anything that can go to one of the charity shops, but there is still clutter / treasures galore.

Wednesday : John came and did some more painting though he had to leave to go to hospital for xray of knees ~ discussed how I am to pay him and we agreed it would be best if when all the jobs are finished, Bev will come as banker / witness of payments to make sure it is fair ~ I am not very good at these things and inclined to press £100 on people hoping it is enough ~ John says this system is generous but not the way to go on and he is quite right of course ~ it will be a couple more days before he is finished ~ a young doctor came to check my ears in case deafness is caused by wax but she said they were clean as a whistle ~ she'll arrange a visit for hearing test at Scarborough Hospital ~ in fact I've been deaf for years ~ have I already mentioned this ?   Most of my life not being able to make out what was being said, I've just grunted or nodded as seemed appropriate ~ my children soon realised this and now tell me they regularly took advantage of my deafness : Can we go to the baths, Mum ?   Can we get sticky buns for tea ?   Can we stay up to watch the film etc ~ little devils !   Barbara is back from York and hopes to pop in tomorrow with eggs from the market which are so different from shop eggs ~ with large deeply coloured yolks ~ that's good.   Watched PMQs and the universal credit question dominated it ~ MPs howling with rage as usual ~ like unruly kids !   How lucky we are, with all my lot happy house owners ~ the poor souls who have not got a foot on the housing ladder (and possibly never will have) are at the mercy of greedy landlords, Council Housing Departments and fate !   Frightful !