the freshly painted porch

Damp and dreary

Eccles School and Head Master's house

Oh dear ~ this weather is depressing with dull afternoons and getting dark by 4pm ~ with S's delivery and a full fridge,Cornish pasty for supper with lovely fresh watercress ~ Barbara came along with eggs from the market which are always large and brown with large golden yolks ~ good chat ~ Diana was here first thing and over coffee she told me more about her life ~ as a young mother with a six year old and a toddler she found the guts to escape from a dreadful marriage to go it alone and  somehow managed to survive and bring her boys up, one to go to Uni where he achieved his Ph/D, the other to create a thriving business in Leedss ~ a great tribute to their mother's own courage and strength.   I'm so glad Diana came to me ~ we get on very happily ~ she seems to find me hilariously funny and we regularly fall about in hysterics !   

Friday and John here adding the dark green touches to the porch ~ racing green against the sparkling white ~ wow !   Don't know what I did but the text keeps sliding around the screen ~ it seems to have settled now ~ thank Gawd !   Barbara was here this morning and fetched bread and then went through all the pills I seem to have accumulated and sorted out what I should be taking and other stuff which I was given when I kept falling over ~ then having checked with the Health Centre she took the unwanted stuff round to Boots for them to dispose of ~ now I know where I am with medication and only have to take four pills daily ~ I was getting so confused I was not taking any of them.   Keith is coming in the morning to see why the pressure guage on the boiler is always at zero though the water is hot, possibly too hot.   My letter about FREE BOILERS is in the Gazette they tell me ~ Parry rang, laughing about it ~ haven't seen them for ages but they will come round tomorrow for tea ~ look at it now ~ 3.45 and it is suddenly overcast ~ John should just finish the porch before dark and Bev will take a photo of it ~ the porch is very handsome and listed on its own account ~ years ago when Dick was repairing it he discovered that in the 1790s when it arrived on a donkey cart as a flat pack it did not fit the door frame and alterations had to be made to accommodate it ~ if they are looking down on John's handiwork today, I hope they are approving of the fresh colour scheme, those early inhabitants,the Sanders of Whitby  ~ I certainly do !

 John left all tidy and will be back to touch up odd spots, but not until after next week which is half term and he will have his children with him.   Later : 9.30 happy visit from Parry and Jean : she brought buns from Cooplands, bless her.  They set off for home in pouriing rain and without proper macs ~ hope they were not drenched ~ they took a fancy to the globe light in the sitting room and intend to get one ~ colour changing and quite stunning though I believe it is actually meant for the garden ~ haven't heard from Ellen for a full week which is unusual but she hopes to pop in tomorrow ~ it was her garden brought her over this way and the garden is no more, blocked off by the council.   I have kept strictly to Barbara's PILLS schedule ~ I needed someone to sort out which are still relevant ~ I was still being prescribed ones that I was given after hiip replacement or more recently while I kept falling over ~ anyway, after she checked with the Prescription people at Health Centre we were able to eliminate half a dozen items which she took back to Boots for them to destroy ~ we are not supposed to throw medicine away ourselves.  The gloomiest evening ~ it feels more like late November and pouring.   Helen and family next door ~ half term of course ~ I expect they'll pop in to tell me their news, all four of them ~ such a delightful lot.   The usual Saturday night TV ~ Jeremy Paxman on Rivers (Ch/4) ~ tonight the Severn, punting and rgen Dad's Army on BBC2 ~ even though I've seen it before and probably more than once there is something comfortingly familiar about it ~ gave Opera a miss this week ~ Saturdays are becoming clogged with telly !

Sunday 7.45 between Country File and the Antiques Road Show ~earlier Ella, William and Olivia came in for a chat ~ they only came yesterday and go home tomorrow ~ Ellen was here this morning bringing me up to date with all the dramas in her life ~ chat with Georgie ~ her fire is the same model as mine ~ they are having trouble replacing the bulb, and even when Bill manages it, the darned thing blows ~ I could not change the bulb myself and had to call on Mick or Terry to do it ~ bad design that !   I've been munching celery all day ~ S's always send TWO hearts which take some getting through on my own ~ none of my friend seem to like celery so I must eat it all myself ~ I do like it, within reason.   Later : 9pm and ready to settle down to read by the fire ~ this family photo was taken by the photographer who came to take pictures of all the children in school, individually ~ he came every year, if I remember right, and he'd throw in a couple of photos of the Head Master' s family free ~ it was a dear little house, that ~ two up and two down and as I may have already said, I think our kitchen had been the original school room way back in the 1850s ~ as well as a decent sitting room (see pic) it was a large room, a high ceiling open to the rafters , a smokey range, and shut off behind a door, steep narrow stairs going up to two small bedrooms ~ perfectly adequate in the eyes of the Vicar of the day for the spinster who would teach all the village children from the age of four up to twelve ~ it had a wide low set window which might once have been the door out to the playground ~ Kate went back to Eccles recently and reported that while there are several additional school buildings in the yard, she felt the little house is no longer lived in but is possibly used as a store or staff room ~ sad really ~ both Will and Kate were born there in the small back bedroom ~ ah me ~ look at them now ~ both well into their fifties and the older two 61 and 59 !   Which reminds me with Richard out there that Barcelona is the lead story in every news bulletin as the protests continue both for and against breaking away from Spain ~ it gets quite nasty with police in riot gear waving batons !   

Monday 4pm ~ strangely writing about our years in Norfolk has made me rather sad and nostalgic ~ it was in our Quarry Road days when SEX reared its powerful head that things began to fall apart ~ Richard was lost to Janet, Georgie became pregnant, and I went off the rails with Fred ~ shamelessly though he persuaded me that all the world were "at it" on the slye, a philosophy I was only too eager to fall for ~ poor Howard, with his lovingly established home and family suddenly collapsing around his feet, and divorce looming ~ I do feel bad about my behaviour though at the time I was swept away in a frenzy of Free Love ~ I don't tink Howard reads my blog but nevertheless I am sorry, I do regret hurting you and sending you off after 23 years into the unknown.  On your own.   It is dreadful to admit this, but it was a class thing ~ my parents warned me from the start : "He's not our sort of boy . . . "   which of course made me all the more determined to marry him ~ he was not rough or uncouth, not by any means, he was a qualified teacher with two degrees he had worked for after college while teaching and he had been appointed to the Norfolk headship before he was thirty ~ but he came from the Nottingham coal field and generations of miners, and as the years went on, the differences in our backgrounds became more obvious and more difficult to cope with ~ maybe I should not have told you this but I wanted to put it on record ~ I am totally to blame for the breakdown of the marriage ~ though Fred had a hand in it ~ if . . .  IF ONLY I HAD NOT JOINED THE CHESIL THEATRE GROUP ~ had not submitted so easily to Fred's well practised seduction technique ~ if only . . . at least the children all seem to have coped with their broken family, broken home ro make solid and lasting relationships themselves.


In Eccles School House ~ the family before Kate's time