You can just make out cheap doors of cupboard under sink and top drawer to the left ~ but tomorrow . . .

Johnny in his terrifying Goth gear and one of his girls looking equally fright-full !


Sunday morning and raining ~ with November round the corner, I'm hoping Johnny's girls will put the door curtain up for me but they may already have set off for home ~ ah-ha here comes the sun.   Clocks went back overnight and I've dealt with most of them though can't reach the one on kitchen wall ~ no longer dare stand on chair to do it ~ several of them adjusted themselves so that's a help. 

Monday 5.30pm ~ Sue came to change my sheets for the laundry tomorrow ~ such a help ~ Barbara popped in on her way to town and came back later with bread ~ it gets dark so early now and we are still in October ~ depressing but I usually have a bath around that time and by the time I'm through it is completely dark which isn't quite so bad ~ someone ythought Johnny's gils are his daughters though at 28/30 they just about could be ~ they are his dear friends and one of them he has known since she was a baby as her family lived next door ~ I am very touched that they come and spend time with this old biddy ~ how friendly ~ with champagne and more than one bottle of wine ~  we had a wacky evening !    Johnny's "girls" are Sam and Lisa ~ both bright and beautiful ~ working in the financial world.

Tuesday : 10pm ~as I have not been watching bake off, did not mean to watch it but somehow just sat there after Ch'4 News and gave in ~ what elaborate stuff they produced ~ does anybody ear such things ?   A busy day with Sail Black here to cut my toe nails, and one or two others during the morning  but after my flop I seemed to dither and achieved very little apart from a healthy meal ~ carrot, spud, parsnip with fish out of the freezer in white sauce and enough left for tomorrow.   Peter and Margaret were off back to Leeds ~ Kate rang proposing to come over one day this week as she is off work but crazy to drive two-and-a-half hours each way for a few hours in Whitby but it was a kind thought.   Later on maybe.

Wednesday ~ 9.30 Richard came from Physiotherapy Dept  to show me various exercises which might reduce the pain in my hip ~ last time he was here his baby had just arrived ~ today a ten year old.   Trying to get through to lights4fun to buy staggeringly gorgeous solar stone ~ finally have left message asking them to ring back.   PMQs and sexual assault on juniour staff by MPs aired ~ the current scandal.   Why is NewsNight so poorly lit ~ unless it is my eyes, interviews are taking place in the dark ~ and in the marvellous Blue Planet,  David Attenburgh's commentry is practically drowned out by background music ~ why does every program have to have background music ?   sent query to Adrian Mlls who is Controller of LOOK NORTH (let me check that) who says the matter is currently under discussion ~ infuriating distraction and quite unnecesary ~ I seem to be going to bed later and later ~ these days it is regularly after midnight which is plain silly ~ for some reason after News Night I settle down to read "just a chapter or two" and next thing it's gone midnight ~ must be ready for bed BEFORE I settle down to watch New Night and no messing about tidying the kitchen afterwards.  Two small splits have appeared in my lovely typing chair, one on the seat, one on the left arm which sometimes gets jammed under work top ~ last night tried patching them with sellotape ~ the seat worked fine but the arm rest is a bit of a mess ~ I'll try again though hope I can remove tape without   causing more damage ~ ah, not too bad but I think Barbara would make a neater job of it !

Oh great ~ message from Bev that John will come in the morning and fix the new doors on drawers and cupboard under sink ~ the others are cheap and ugly and have been here from the start ~ Tony Oakes specials !


the yard at Halloween

the patched up seat

and rather messy repair to arm rest ~ I'll try again later