the new drawer fronts ~ replacing the others which were cheap rubbish though they've lasted nearly thirty years

Kitchen drawers

Oh blast !   Apart from my blog computer seems to have conked out ~ had just typed a good paragraph here which disappeared before I could click on SAVE AND VIEW CHANGES  ~ in case it happens again, I'd better do it every couple of sentences ~ infuriating !   Diana did not come this morning as her car had a punctured tyre and she was waiting for someone from the garage to come and fix it ~ she' came at 3.30 instead ~ we all sat round with mugs of tea as John worked away at door of cupboard under the sink ~ the drawer fronts are in place and look great ~ he's coming back in the morning to finish off ~ I'm so glad I asked John to do this ~ he seems able to turn his hands to anything and is an excellen joiner ~ the old doors were the only crap in the house ~ thank God they've gone ~  Barbara came in around lunch time and back again after her volunteer session at the library ~ Chris popped in with Evan to sort out problem that had suddenly cropped up on computer and Diana was here as well so all in all a very jolly day ~ now I've put a potato in the oven and chopped up the last couple of sticks of celery ~ I'd better send order to S's after supper ~ with so much going on, I didn't manage a flop, but I seem to have survived . . .

Friday ~ John here installing second door under the sink and that's that !   Good chat with Georgie ~ after Question Time (or is it Any Questions ?) I got hooked on The Week with Andrew and friends discussing all these stories of Sexual harrasment in Parliament so never mind my good intentions,  it was 12.30am by the time I got to bed ~ idiotic of me !

Saturday : 10pm ~ Sainsbury's delivery ~ Bev looked in ~ Fireworks all around ~ Rose brought plate of supper down for me but around 5pm I had been dreadfully hungary so eaten early ~ saving Mary's for tomorrow ~ how kind they are, Mary, Tom and Rose.   Every bulletin more sleaze emerges about sex mad MPs !!   From my experience, all men think themselves irresistable ~ it is only those who DON'T who really are ~ Walter, John and Boyd spring to mind ~ such loving friends but never a whiff of sex.

Sunday ~ Ellen came in to tell me her latest adventures ~ always dramas with Ellen !   Rose brought me down a slice of carrot cake to go with the dish of supper they brought down yesterday which I am about to have for lunch ~ unbelievable kindness ~ like an idiot I said to Rose "it was delicious" when all I'd done by then was to have a taste of Mary's rich sauce which I'm heating up for lunch ~ cold and drizzling and I've got the heating on again ~ I'm drinking gallons of cranberry juice as recommended by Barbara and it seems to have done the trick 

Monday and cranberry juice has worked brilliantly and I am restored to health ( or what that means in my doddery state) ~ Richard was here and planted over 2 kgs of daffodil bulbs plus 50 snowdrops ' ~ come the Spring, my small patch is going to be bright and beautiful ~ an act of fait this, hope I will still be here to enjoy them ~ Barbara came ~ probably won't see her again this week not the snooker is on the telly every afternoon ~ in his final yers Daddy became a snooker fan ~ the joke was they still only had black and white telly ~ have taken everything out of door compartments of fridge apart from milk and the cartons of cranberry juice ~ various small pots and bottles most of which have not been used in ages (if ever) so must go down now and while spud is in oven for supper must chuck some of them, most of them out ~ the generous slice of  cake Rose brought down for me yesterday was not chocolate, not coffee but spicy and scrumpious with thick cream filling and icing ~ oh, yummy ~ Mary certainly is a wonderful cook.