last night's supper from Mary

and the spicy cake that followed ~ smothered in cream and icing !

and tonight ~Tom brought me down the fluffiesr sweetest apple turnover ~ such amazing kindness

blessings galore !

This is a FOODIE special as you can see ~ Mary appeared, Mary or Tom or Rose, with all these treats ~ Thanks to them, I eat like a Duchess ~ how kind ~ Barbara popped in with another loaf on her way home from the library soaked ~ tonight they are all going to a play in which Biddi plays a major role about a woman called joy aged 83 and going gaga ~ just like your blogger ~ spect I'll hear all about it ~ I've been overwhelmed by Mary's generosity with delicious food ~ so kind ~ no more tonight ~ I'm feeling bloated after my excellent kedgeree (fish from Mary) and then her wonderful fluffy apple turnover cooked to perfection ~ time to settle down by the fire before a new sitcome which wasfeatured on Women's Hour : Mother Land ~ I'll give it a try though I rarely watch sit coms.

Wednesday and late up again ~ it was quarter to nine by the timne I was eating breakfast ~ this is becoming a bad habit ~ this amazing solar stone came yesterday which I hope Tom will be able to put up on the corner of the high wall where I can see it from up here and in kitchen, and they will see it too, and number 7 as well ~ as long as it can be installed up there ~
 there is a solar globe in that spot but it seems to have given up the ghost ~ I am remembering in amazement that I was able not so long ago to walk along the high wall above the steps to put it there ~ nowadays I can't even walk up the steps !    3pm ~ Richard turned up to do the other gardens in the yard and installed the solar stone with no difficulty ~ a lovely sunny day so we should get a good display this evening ~ he set ut to colour-changing mode ~ great !   Each day I am achieving one small extra chore ~ clearing things out or re-organising them, partly to simplify things for the family at my departing !   Well worth the effort as as each challenge is met it gives me a feeling of achievement however small.   These fleece trousers are splendid ~ I got three pairs two years back and I wear them in turn : navy, grey and magenta ~ the only criticism is that they have no pockets which means shoving hanky in waistband when as often as not it slips down the trouser leg and has to be retrieved either from above or scrabbling around my ankle.   Being fleecy they are really winter wea but there was only one week during the summer when O could discard them for cotton jeans ~ not sure whether this was due to the weather or my age ~ I'm not yet unto long johns however, though this morning I decided it was time to bring the vests into service ~ a good deal earlier than usual  ~ bra, vest, t-shirt and jersey ~ I am not and never have been fashion conscious ~ this has probably been my wardrobe since Kate was born.   No ~ that's not quite true ~ for several summers I had a green checked seersucker skirt, wrap-around, ankle length ~ which I'd made myself ~ jf may even still be up in the attic somewhere ~ I'll have a look in the morning ~ I think this skirt may be one of the reasons I got the sack from The Castle ~ Hampshire County Council Education Department ~ women were not supposed to wear trusers let alone a long skirt ~ I was definitely a misfit !

Richard worked hard on my garden and on numbers 3 and 4 so all looking good ~ I paid him in full so Johnny and David owe ne £20 each ~ Richard also manaed to install the new solar light  on the high wall where it seems very happy and since dusk has been glowing in rainbow sequence ~ I look down on it from here, and up at it from kitchen ~ Tom & Mary will see it as well and anyone in number 7 ~ lovely ~ my small plot is a riot of solar lights !   Funny thing with heating ~ I put it on at 4pm well before it would have come on automatically ~ freezing ~ but now 9.15 it is too warm and I'm sitting here in my t=shirt sleeves ~ could be the vest !   So many good things happening recently ~ all the work John did for me and Richard's work in the garden ~ with a little money in the bank, I am able to pay for help wherever it is needed ~ I never experienced such bliss before ~ nevermind all the happy things in my life OF WHICH THERE WERE PLENTY ~ it was one long financial nightmare ~ I am so pleased to have lived to enjoy all these State Benefits

Friday ~ 11.30 with Rossini ~ glorious again ~ the new solar light that Richard installed at corner of high wall worked a treat last night and was still glowing at 3.30 when I went down to make a drink and read for a while ~ mt small patch looks ever more amazing ~ Georgie rang with her 60th birthday coming up (Boxing Day) to ask for one of my many bread boards ~ of course, but I hadn't realised she had not got one when I've been collecting for years and still have twenty or more in spite of giving so many away ~ she says I'm to choose ~ she thinks Kate has not got a bread board either ~ why have they not asked me before now !   I have a sink full of soapy bleachy water and four boards soaking in it ~ I'll gradually go through them all and then decide which to give Georgie ~ I used to trawl around all the antique shops in the hope of finding one ~ several of them put them aside for me when it came in, usually with a stack of kitchen stuff ~ when I got a new one it would invariably be black with grime and then I'd dunk it in a bowl of bleach and through several rinses, await eagerly to discover what would emerge from the murk ~ I'm really sad that all these years Georgie was cutting her bread on a plate !   The thing about the, to my mind, is that humble, simple as they are, a breadboard almost certainly graced the table at every meal for years, possibly for generations !   Mind boggling !

Later : Johnny is here for weekend and popped in for cupa then John arrived and Mary briefly ~ it was Richard I hoped would come and move all the rubbish he bagged up on  Wednesday but Mary says rather than have the cardboard hanging around any longer they will take it up and burn it on their bonfire ~ a couple of these small potatoes for supper with last of the green beans, a rasher of bacon and a fried egg ~ I'm pleased indeed quite proud of the way I coped with the leak in bathroom @ Keith is coming tomorrow afternoon ~ the blue towel (see picture) is damp but not soaking wet and if the leak increased the water would run straight down and into the pink tub ~ good, eh ?   Last night dropped remote and managed to step on it thus losing regular channels ~ BBC1, BBC2 and Channel 4 ~ I guess it took me an hour to find my way back and no way could I find News Night ~ I half heard an announcement about a bomb scare in NN studio but I may have got that wrong ~ in its place there was coverage of the European Parliament and some fellow groaning on to what appeared to be an empty chamber in spite of which he was interrupted twice by the chair person to wind it up !

A selection of my bread boards in Victorian plate rack

Flood defences in top bathroom ~ Keith the plumber coming tomorrow thank Gawd ~ fortunately I have a second loo in lower shower room