Archie Angus who enlisted as so many did at 17 and was mown down on the Somme

Armistice Day

All radio 4 programmes are focusing on the date and the First World War ~ dreadfully sad, and the numbers of dead is scarcely imaginable ~ of course every family lost someone ~ sons, brothers, fathers ~ in our mother's Angus side of the family two of her brothers were killed, Archie and Stewart ~ of the 13 Angus children, four were boys of which two died as infants in South America, and now both the surviving boys were killed ~ Mum used to say she and Peggy and Leny, the last of the thirteen always felt guilty that they were not boys @ our Grand Father DAVID ANGUS had hoped to have sons to carry on the business he had established throughout Paraquay, Uraquay, Chili and other countries out there ~ but all were lost ~ although she was only a child at the time, scarcely ten years old, Mum remembers the terrible grief that engulfed the family from then on at the loss of both remaining sons and the collapse of Grand father's dreams of establishing a great enginering company akin to xxxxxxx (sorry, the name will come to me eventually) is it MacAlpine ? ~following in his father's footsteps,  Stewart had already qualified as an engineer at Edinburgh Universityeven in her old age, her eighties and noneties, Mother would be overcome with sadness for the lost brothers she scarcely remembered.  I don'st seem to have a photo of Stewart and right now I can't put my hand  on the David Angus book ~ I've been expecting the plumber all afternoon ~ hope he hasn't forgotten me ~ I believe he has a job in Scarborough and only does local work at weekends ~ there is no crisis up in the bathroom, only the slightest leak but best to get it fixed in case ~ had quite a busy morning outside and Tom, bless him, took all the cardboard and packaging up to his high garden and burn it @ usually Richard sees to things like that but he did not come back after planting bulbs on Wednesday ~ 100 more daffodil bulbs arrived today ~ he told me to let him know and he'll get them planted too ~ come the spring, the garden is going to be glorious !   Tom very kindly took all the cardboard and packaging that was in my shed, on the bench or across the garden and burnt it all up on his garden ~ so kind !

Monday 8.30pm ~ Sue was here shortly after 9 to change  my sheets for the laundry  ~  Barbara dropped in, and Bev for jolly hour ~ later Annabel with good news about the sale of their house on Skye  ~ barring accidents the sale should go through on Friday  ~ Keith the plumber came and who sorted out the leak in the top bathroom and gave me a bit of a plumbing   ! that's enough for tonight ~ hopefully tomorrow I can gather my wits !

Tuesday ~ Richard here planting more bulbs ~come the spring  the garden is going to be glorious~ a dismal wet day ~ Sainsbury's delivery so I'm stocked up for a week and more ~ as it is getting dark I'd better go down and make Richard a drink and pay him before he gets off home

Wednesday ~ such dreary afternoons and getting dark before 4pm ~ supper : two of these baby potatoes, one parsnip, 3 sprouts all cooked in one pan, first the spud, then the parsnip and finally the sprouts ~ I do love parsnips ~ I often cook them and mash them with a beaten egg   and garlic and grated cheese and into the oven to brown ~ this is specially good with sprouts ~ but tonight simply boiled to go with lovely herby omlette from the last of the eggs Barbara brings from the farmer on Thursday market ~ she will bring me six more tomorrow ~ large eggs with large rich yolks ~ with last delivery had a box of S's mini  mince pies and scoffed two of them tonight ~ 12 in the box, no more than a mouthful each and quite delicious.  I'm beginning to sound like a Foodie but a good hot meal on a winter's night is a great comfort ~ I'm reading"Zennor in Darkness" by Helen Dunmore ~ set in Cornwall during the First War and suddenly in Chapter 5 D H Lawrence comes into the story, into Zennor village with Frieda his German partner which upsets a good many people ~  yes, interesting.

Thursday 4pm ~ John here finishing off a couple of oddments ~ Diana was here this morning and told me a bit more about her dismal marriage @booked transport to Eye Clinic on Monday for 10.45 appointment but in Scarborough this time rather than Bridlington ~ and appointment in afternoon at hearing clinic~ two events in one day may be too much but no alternatives before the New Year  arbara popped in with market eggs, the last this season ~ of course hens don't lay through the winter months so after this half dozen I'll have to make do with Sainsbury's.   Have not contacted Lloyd for months ~ hope he is still with us.

Frisay morning ~ have decided to cancel appointment at hearung clinic on monday as I go to Eye Clinic in Scarborough in the morning ~ cannot cope with TWO events on the same day.   Cold again ~ I guess winter is upon us ~ Mary's pork pie for lunch with celery and tomato ~ and tonight the rest of the mince from yesterday ~ it is that long since I cooked mince I nearly forgot a scrape of Marmite and squeeze of mustard and a handful of porridge oats to thicken it but very tassty with baby spuds and sprouts ~ my family were reared on mince and none the worse for that though that was before I was introduced to GARLIC by Australian cousins who stayed with us for several weeks in Quarry Road with their tear away two year ols Stephen ~ Diana woud yell at the poor child constantly and slap him but Stephen took no notice ~ I think this treatment made him worse, wilder ~ they drove over to Bristol once and took me with them, and Stephen kept hurling himself from the back seat into the front in an attempt to take over the wheel ~ this was before seat belts ~ I gave them the big ground floor play room  where they yelled at each other and at the poor child ~ after sux weeks of this they moved out intending to buy a post office and village shop in the New Forest but eventually returned to Australia ~ a couple of years later Georgie went out there for six months supposedly to look after Stephen while they ran their restaurant but she said afterwards it was sheer hell ~ she and Stephen and Di's mother would escape to the caravan as the rows raged around them ~ I've forgotten his name, our cousin on the Proctor side ~ maybe Mary knows ~ I believe she kept in touch with them ~ after all those weeks wu=ith us, they gave me a thank you present ~ six plastic egg cups ¬  But at least they introduced me to garlic for which I am seriously grateful !

After thought ~ in our generation brother Stephen is a Civil Engineer carrying on the family tradition ~ well, keeping it going and I believe his son Tim is too