Georgie brought me a slice of Mississippi Mud Pie from Sanders Yard restaurant ~ I saved half for tonight ~ utterly delicious and wicked ~ haven't you tried it yet ?


Sainsbury's delivery and the Doves popped in, Annie and Christopher ~ although I hardly ever see them now that they have moved to a flat on the West Side I look on them as very dear friends ~ he is 90 and Annie not far behind but they still love a barge holiday, just the two of them and quite capable of managing their craft !   Annie is a serious writer and has 15 books to her credit that last one published quite recently ~ an amazing couple and married for sixty-plus years !   Then Georgie arrived with a lovely bunch of flowers, yellow and orange, and rather than the lemon bun she usually brings me a stillen ~ you know what that is ~ a curranty loaf with a layer of marzipan in the middle and generously dusted with fine icing sugar ~ I may have been supposed to save it for Christmas but couldn't wait and had a slice before before bed ~ scrumpious and definitely Christmasy !    Ellen looked in with her new friend Martin who seems really nice ~ they will come again for a proper chat shortly ~ a very lively day !   Watched TV from 6.30 (Ch/4 News) through Grand designs to Dad's Army and then settled down to read by the fire ~ the sitting room is so cosy with the lights in the alcoves, the green standard lamp which John's family almost stole from me saying that having lent it to him for fully nine years they intended to keep it and would have down if Gowan had not taken me to retrieve it early one morning before his charming family had arrived ~ bloody cheek ~ it is among my favourite possessions ~ it was the first thing I was able to buy after our divorce when we moved to North View, the three of us, Will and Kate and me.   By the way, there have been THREE Johns in my life and not all of them bed fellows !   Off to Eye Clinic again in the morning ~ they have agreed to see me at Scarborough Hospital from now on rather than Bridlingon which is twice as far away so that's more sense.   I had TWO hospital appointments booked for tomorrow ~ EYES in the morning, EARS in the afternoon (I'm deaf as a post and hope they will give me a hearing aid)  ~ being virtually housebound these dys, to have TWO EVENTS on the same day was a terrifying prospect but after much wrangling and hours on the phome (mostly waiting in queues) they changed the EAR one til next week so that's a relief.  DEMENTIA check ~ last night could not remember what I had had for supper though eventually did remember it was SOMETHING and salad ~ worrying ! 

Reminders ~ Barbara came ~ Will rang and they have booked David's cottage over New Year ~ and Kate is looking for one for them though no more vacant in this yard ~ maybe Bill would bring Georgie over one day and that would be lovely though no chance of Richardl and Imma coming too ~ ~ wonderful news ~ I've been on the phone for an hour and too late to do any more tonight ~ how lucky I am in my family !

Tuesday ~ yesterday I was picked up about 10am and taken to Eye Clinic at Scarborough instead of all the way to Bridlington where I've been going for years for this Age Related Macro WhatsitWhatsit ~ Scarborough is much more sense, half the distance and the very same team ofEye Specialists ~ no dererioration but eye balls need to be wetter ~ Barbara is picking up the prescription to drop in at Boots and they will deliver the drops.   When I got back I was practically paralysed with cold and from sitting stiffly in ambulance ~ thankfully Mary appeared just as I emerged and whule the ambulance driver pushed me up the yard, Mary helped me safely indoors and sitting comfortably ~ without her help I don't know how I would have managed, bless her ~ sat for a while to recover before making a pot of tea but I was freezing cold and had the heating on, the fire on, a hotwater bottle to cuddle, and Bev's fleece around me but could not get warm 

Later ~ Barbara brought the eye drops from Boots ~ one three times a day ~ perhaps it will make reading easier ~ good supper again : two of these baby potatoes, a parsnip, a couple of mushrooms and a poached egg ~ vg !   Last night watched the Elizabeth & Philip celebration of their 70 year mariage ~ interesting, comparing three other couples married on the same day ~ I went p to London to join Coronation crowds ~ I was at college at the time and already committed to Howard but he wouldn't go with me ~ he was always working to get ahead with essays ~ why were there no alarm bells ringing ?

Later after the News : at 93 Robert Mugabe has finally and reluctantly retired as President of Zimbabwe to scenes of rejoicing throughout the land ~ he had become a ruthless dictator, him and his much younger wife Grace.  I've put the first lot of eye drops in ~ remembering how John Stephen behabed when he was up here once and with the same eye trouble, I'll keep the drops in the fridge ~ Ch/4 at 9pm so no more tonight : Grand Design winner and then Muslim Marriage which sounds pretty grim.

Email from Brother Bill telling us all John and Roisin have had a baby, a son, Donnacha Daniel ~ the name seems to have something to with Ice Hockey ~ I must look it up ~ Bill and Sue have two grand daughters so all very happy ~ wild stormy night ~ yesterday with stiff garden brush and pail of soapy water Tom very nobly scrubbed down the whole yard  right to the entry  ~ in all the years I've lived here, I'm certain nobody has ever done this before ~ it looks pretty good. Picture of kitchen chair which was one of the things that came to me from Aunt Georgie in Edinburgh shortly after we were married ~ the stools came from the Norwich store in return for Aunt Georgie's enormous Victorian wardrobe ~ originally they had soft tops ~ and here they are today 62 years later ~ the bunks were included in the deal along with bedding ~ remember those Dutch blankets ? orange, yellow and brown plaid ~ there were other things in the swap too but I can't recall what they were right now~ time to make supper.

Later ~ Mary brought me down a lovely piece of smoked fish ~ instead of kedgeree I'll poach it in milk for white sauce and have it with these baby potatoes S's have now and garden peas ~ I'll pay her for it of course but Mary is so kind thinking of me in this way ~ a really wild night ~ wont stay up here long ~ as advised by Eye Doctor I'm putting drops in three times a day ~ only started today ~ Barbara fetched them from Boots ~ one of the other things I gor in return for Aunt G's enormous mahogany wardrobe was the Ercol arm chair which is still going strong after 55 years I think it is ~ apart from the sofa, it is the only seating in the sitting room ~ there's no room for any more ~ and yet I know that in bygone times probably in the 1920s there were usually thirteen in this house, Unkle and Auntie, six lodgers and in the school holidays a family of five ~ yes FIVE children would come from Middlesbrough out of their poor mother's way : "Oh, get off to your Auntie in Whitby ~ I can't stand you all under my feet all summer."  Poor Auntie 

The old chair and kitchen stools that I remember painting out on the back yard of Eccles School House shortly before William was born some fifty years ago