such a wonderful birthday ~ cards, gifts, flowers, phone calls and so many loving friends

Eighty four and still alive and kicking !

the flowers Richard sent by Interflora from Barcelona ~ imagine, after our 40 lost years !

Such a happy day ~ 18 cards, a dozen callers, phone calls from all the family including RTWP out in Barcelona ~ flowers and gifts galore ~ I feel truly blessed ~ I'll catch up tomorrow but this is enough for tomight ~ I do not remember a happier birthday in years ~ thank you one and all for cards and prezzies and warm friendship even now to this great age ~  partially blind and unsteady on my feet and infuriatingly deaf ~ how lucky I am  xxx

Friday ~ catching up with myself this fine bright morning ~ picture of the garden closing down till the spring you might think, but no ~ in soite of appearances, all the solar lights are busy recharging ready for tonight's display ~ quite magic ~ among all my presents Annabel gave me a box of BATH MELTS which fizz and foam in the bath ~ they look like cup cakes, beautifully decorated cup cakes and I see that the label warns "enjoy but do not eat !"   And they are hand made here in Whitby, here on Church Street ~ marvellous !   Almost too pretty to use !   Thank you Annabel xx  There were six in the box but Barbara put the Christmassy one (a snow man) aside ~ the detail is incredible ~ each one a delicate work of art !   Lovely supper @ the smoked fish Mary brought me with white sauce made from the milk I poached it in, with baby potatoes and garden peas ~ and enough left for tonight though suddenly feeling ravenous, I think I'll have it NOW for lunch ~ let me go down and heat ir up right this minute . . .  8pm and an email from Richard ~ he and Imma are ing to a dancing class ~ really chilly now and again heating on from 4pm ~ had lovely bath with these wacky bath gels which did make the water and my skin fee quite silky ~ one of the problems with my eyes is that the text seems to be floating around on the screen and it is almost impossible to get the cursor where I want it to be, say making a correction ~ this makes checking and correcting very difficult ~ poor Kate ~ a neighbour's cat got in through their cat flap and had spent the night shuffling round shitting ~ Kate had to take the day off work to clean it up ~ the damned creature even got upstairs trailing dhiarrhoe as it went ~ bad enough cleaning up after your own pets never mind the neighbours ~ they will now make jolly sure the cat fla is set so that their Puss can get OUT but no other cat can get in.

We had a good many pets while the children were young ~ Bruno the Alsation puppy Mary brought from Jersey, Cilla a funny little spaniel-cross, Norman who in spite of her name produced several litters of kittens in the garden shed, at one point Will had mice and in a washing up bowl in the dining room window were a couple of mini turtles ~ poor Howard could not stand any of them, especially when Bruno got in trouble on a family walk up St Giles Hill (NOT the right name ~ St Giles was right behind our house) for worrying sheep and there was a £10 fine to be paid.   Oh dear ~ the cost of feeding the brutes was bad enough without fines !

Saturday ~ a crisp sunny morning again ~ can scarcely believe what a happy birthday I had ~ apart from Barbara, I did not think anybody else knew ~ I feel incredibly lucky ~ must do S's order for delivery tomorrow but first I need a cup of coffee ~ I'll make a jug of my proper French coffee : while John was around, we'd call it Sunday Coffee and I'd have a pot ready when he arrived for lunch ~ I have to admit that much as I loved him, I am happy to be on my own with nobody else to consider ~ I'm becoming very selfish and happy to stick to my quiet routine ~ when I went down the yard (in a wheel chair) last week to go to Eye Clinic I believe this was the first time I'd been further than my dust bin in seven months but in spite of that I seem to have a rich life with friends popping in just about every day.   Later : 5pm ~ dark and dismal again ~ ~ the smoke alarm on this landing has been chiroping away so I rang the Fire Brigade who tell me this can happen when the cold weather comes but someone wikk come and check on Monday so I must be jolly careful in the meantime not to start a fire ~ rang Rita who pot her address and all in her birthday card ~ the old stone farm cottage they hace just moved to sounds delightful ~ I looked it up on Google : Ty Hen Farm Cottages Llwynddavydd ~ Welsh spelling !  Glad we are back in touch.   More cards today ~ 23 in all !  at my time of life !!

such beautifully decorated cup cakes !! from 'Honeyz' 106 Chrurch Street, Whitby, 10947 605993

fragrant fizzing bath melts

Not kedgeree this time but poached with white sauce, baby potatoes and garden peas ~ oh my stars ! a meal fit for a queen !