the framed poster explaining about the window installed in 1829


Young couple came round from Forresters Court with enlarged story of the Sanders and the agreement for the installation of the stair window as referred to in deeds of 1829 ~ he mounted it in good frame and hung it on the stair beside the said window @ such a lovely pair ~ she is a professional singer ~ she is copming for a tarot reading in the morning ~ the only way I could think of repaying them ~ spent a useful hour tidying up email ~ filing most of it and deleting some ~ much easier to access stuff.    Alison and Simon are next door for weekend and brought me a slice of special flapjack which I will tuck into after supper ~ cold again but no snow as far as I know, not here anyway.   Sadly when I recently lost all my documents, I lost my original notes on the stair window ~ I do have paper version from HODs events so I'd better type it back into computer ~ later ~ bath first and supper and  Ch'4 News and Dad's Army

Sunday 10pm ~ a good day ~ Kerry came for Tarot reading ~ Barbara came to tell me all about her Sheerings holiday in Sotland ~ Tom and Mary put up all these gorgeous lights around the yard ~ tonight my eyes are suddenly playing up and cursor is careering round the screen so guess it's time for bed ~ goodnight children everywhere, as someone used to say !  ? Uncle Mac maybe ~ it was a very long time ago, that's for sure

Tuesday morning ~ Saul Black came to cut my toe nails and friendly chat ~ the wundow cleaners are here so paid them for my windows and next door £20 ~ booked transport to EAR CLINIC (Audiology) on Thursday afternoon including wheel chair up and down the yard ~ more fir cones came ready for Tuesday ~ still extras to come ~ berries, dried orange slices etc ~ now I must send invitations out ~ "Come and choose yourself a few winter treats . . "  ~ hope it works ~ this year with my sight so bad there's no way I can write cards so family will get email cards and I am sending bulbs to Georgie, Kate and Agi ~ and that's that !

the 2018 Dodo Pad ~ ordering it at my time of life was an act of sheer optimism

Tom and Mary put ip Christmas lights all round the yard !

Advent is here