Martin's selection ~ such glorious maple leaves !

618/619 ???

The camera is still not working "memory full"   I can't find the instruction booklet but maybe I can find it on Google ~ muddle with numbering entries  cannot find 618 for December 2nd ~ try again in a mo ~ this system has worked beautifully up till now ~ bugger ~ Tuesday 9.30pm ~ phone call from young woman I mistook for Charlotte : "Can we call in and see you later ?"   Two of them and tubby dog ~ one of them didn't say a word, the other FRAN very lively and asking lots of questions ~ stayed half an hour or so but it was only after they'd gone that I began to wonder . . . This FRAN got the camera going again so that was something I certainly did not recognise either of them and yet this Fran spoke as if I should know her ~ Barbara and Georgie both told me off for inviting them in ~ guess the phone call was reassuring ~ and of course I'm so deaf I missed a good deal of what was said ~ hope they wer genuine though a lot of it didn't add up !   Oh dear !   Ch/4 News is concentrating on HOMELESSNESS with a harrowing story each night ~ how very lucky I am in this lovely old house and for the first time in my life NO MONEY WORRIES !  I am even leaving the heating on all day when it's bitterly cold.   I don't open Cards but have them in a big bowl to open all at once on Christmas Eve.  David popped in ~ down here for a couple of days "Checking it is ready for Kate and family from 29th # it will be lovely having them there and Will and his lot across the vridge and maybe Bull will bring Georgie over while the others are here ~ I have not had them all together since they were teenagers ~ best of all would be if Richard came too bringing Imma to meer me.  Apart from a few fir cones I have distributed all the Winter Wonders ~ ivy, maple leaves, acorns, cinnamon sticks, mini dried peppers, and fresh mistletoe ~ I think evertone enjoyed it ~ there were 8 here last Tuesday morning and 3 more since ~ and there was plenty for everyone ~ I will give Mary the remaining fir cones for her kitchen fure 'and that said John is that '     Sent off Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendars to most of family ~ otherwise they will get one of the computer cards ~ it's no good trying to send real cards ~ there's no way I could write them never mind addressing them ~ I never was very serious about Christmas cards anyway.

Wednesday 8.30 pm and all is explaimed ~ FRAN is the daughter of Bill and Suzie down in Chislehurst ~ if only I had just said,I'm not sure who you are . . .    They must be very proud of her ~ tall and willowy and so bright and beautiful ~ when I got the message from Brother Bill I was both delighted that she and her friend had made the trip over here from York to visit me, AND furious that I  had not asked straight away who she was ~ we would have had so much more to talk about ~ her family, my family, all the Proctor cousins ~ Frances is a great credit to Bill and Sue ~ I don't even know how old she is, whether she is at college or at work ~ perhaps Brother Bill will tell me more  ~ it has coloured my day ~ remorse and disappointment ~ and it is unlikely that she will ever come to these northern parts again ~ her friend Jodie hardly spoke, hardly featured but the little dog was quite friendly ~ for once I need a drink so I'll zwitch u=off and have a glass if this delicious stuff Peter and Margaret gave me (and the names gone clean out of my head ~ I really seem to be losing my wits !)

Thursday 3pm ~ having booked a delivery slot with Sainsbury's, he first I must make a list ~ Barbara popping in on her way home from the library ~ incredibly mild ~ even though it was a bit of a fiasco as I had no idea who Fran was  I am very pleased to have met her and to see what a tall, slim bright and beautiful girl she has turned out to be # and so warm and friendly to her old aunt ~ hope she forgives me for not knowing who she was  all it needed was for me to say, Remind me who you are . . .   I hope Bill and Sue are not hurt by my dopiness

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