in our Buxton days ~ Georgie must have been about three

my 84th one !!

A glorious spring day here ~ by the time I'd had breakfast and done the chores I was absolutely sweltering and had to have a bath ~ phone calls from Georgie and friends ~ opened my parcles ~ a Barcelona calendar from Richaed, calendat and chocolate Father Christmas from Georgie, and the flowers she brought me ten days ago are still going strong ~ half a dozen things from Kate all neatly wrapped ~ I feel very lucky ~ as Mary is bringing me a plate of dinner I don't need to do anything apart from an odd cup of coffee ~ 7pm and just had a friendly phone call from Richard in Barcelona ~ I am so so happy that we are all friends at last ~ Mary's handsome son Mus brought me a plate of dinner and very good it was too ~ I had quite a lot of parcels to unwrap ~ socks, smellies, chocs, biscuits ~ you don't expect anything at this age ~ Will rang later and friendly chat ~ he and Agi will be here on Friday staying in a flat across the bridge till 2nd while

Kate will be here in number 4 so that will be nice ~ New Year's Eve is quite something here so they should enjoy it ~ it's Georgie's birthday, Boxing Day sixty years ago ~ more about that tomorrow ~ intended to watch Little Women but apart from my deafness, the scene is so dark it is a job to make out what is going on ~ classical series always suffer in this way in order to remind us how gloomy life was before electric lights ~ Rose brought down a plate of cold meat at supper time and a slice of rich chocolate cake for 'afters' ~ they really are so kind, all of them : Mary, Tom,  Rose and her brother Mustapha ~ and all excellent cooks !  No more tonight ~ seem to have frittered away most of my time these last two days but I guess that is what Christmas is for ~ my darling Georgina Mary SIXTY !!   I can scarcely believe it though I've known her all along !

Wednesday 27th and a dismal afternoon ~ all the family will be here on Friday ~ well, Will and family, Kate and family great !   I seem to have fallen behind with this ~ hope I can get back in my stride tomorrow ~ Bev looked in with news that they have found a flat on Church Street and will be moving there shortly ~ I thought she and John were happy out at Glaisdale but she can't wait to get back to civilization ~ it will be good yo have her around again ~ every night Mary has been sending me a delicious meal with chicken or turkey and all the trimmings and not being used toi such fine fare, I'm beginning to feel bloated ~ I hope I haven't hurt her feelings ~ a boiled egg and toast tonight will be ample ~ good long chat with Georgie who sounds exhausted after visits and messages from her work mates as well as fanmily ~ I treated myself to a PINK v-neck jimper but have only dared wear it today ~ rather nice with my purple fleece pull-ons ~ I feel quite elegant for a change ~ later and serious snow in Midlands with seven hour hold-ups ~ Will aand Agi may not make it on Friday ~ much colder tonight but no snow here yet 

Friday 4,45 and no sign of them yet ~ hope the roads are not treacherous ~ Kate was intending to leave late morning by which time a thaw was supposed to be washing the snow away ~ I think Will and Agi drive up through Lincolnshire and across the Humber Brudge ~ they should surely be here by now ~ I'm not feeding them ~ I never do ~ either one of them will make a meal for all of us, or fetch fish and chips ~ I don't think Ben and Natie are coming but Kate's boys are for a day or two ~ they have plans and parties at home and Dan has a job u=in York ~ in a pancake take-away I think she said.   I'll go and make a cup of tea and hope they turn up soon 

Saturday morning ~ they all turned up Will and Agi first about 4.30 and the others about 6pm ~ so good to have them all here ~ Kate's boys a real delight ~ Agi brought a gorgeous poncho @ soft and light and warm and in such pretty colours ~ I'll get a photo later ~ it is so easy having them in different cottages and coming and going between them ~ it is a lovely winter day, bright and dry but cold  ~ Agi has made soup for them all at their cottage and then they are going for a walk along the cliffs ~ last night Alan and the boys went to the Co-op well after 10pm ~ I'd no idea it is open from 6am to 11pm !!   

Sunday 31st ~ 4pm ~ Dan and Doug caught the midday bus to York where Dan will see his brother safely on to the Hebden Bridge train ~ both have parties tonight ~ the others Will & Agi, Kate and Alan set off to walk to Sandsend and back whie I had a flop ~ I guess they have gone back to Will 's flat for tea before coming to make a veggie bake here in the Aga ~ when they were planning it, I forgot about the big Aga baking tins which I keep in the bottom oven and hardly ever use the smaller of which will be perfect for supper for the five of us ~ they are all so helpful and friendly, I feel very lucky ~ Barbara popped in and had met the newcomers at number 5 ~ and yes it is to be a holiday let as expected but it will be good to have people there after all this time ~ Eileen gave Bev notice back in May ~ it is working so happily with family here ~ SIX of them until Dan and Doug left ~ tonight the vegy bake will go in the Aga but then it can be carried down to number 4 where there is a decent table and chairs though I may opt to eat mine here ~ I am not much good at walking.

somebody's bridesmaid

Georgie in her new kitchen

Me and my darling girl ~ and now she is SIXTY !

Eccles School House ~ before Kate's arrival