In our Quarry Rod garden with Kate ~ our house was a five bedroomed Edwardian semi NOT the rather posh one in the background !

Saul came to cut my toe nails ~ he is very worried about a dear friend who has been diagnosed with cancer ~ got on but as always these days very slowly ~ barbara popped in on her way to work and again withvery well at the minute but says she will pop in later in ty bread at 4pm ~ she really os a good friend ~ unobtrusively keeping an eye on me ~ Annabel isn't very well right now but sends word that she will come in later ain the week and see if her healing power will work on my folded over fingers ~ cold and wet again and fairly depressing though as I haven't been down the yard in months the weather scarcely affectts me ~ I left a message with Richard hoping that as this is not gardening weather, he might come and do a few indoor jobs for me, particularly clean the high shelf in the kitchen ~ Diana says she is willing to do it but as it means climbing up on the table, I think it#s a bit much to ask ~ it gets FILTHY but the Aga is the cause they tell me # i don't quite understand WHY but it seems to draw dust out of the ether ~ Alan's birthday yesterday (53), Kate's on Thursday (54) and Dougie's on Sunday (18) ~ I can't write greetings or addresses so they will all get Jacquie Lawson cards though some people think they are ghastly ~ laundry back and all airing round the kitchen ~ my hyacinths have flourished on the stair window sill, covered with pinky/mauve flowers and smelling delicious ~ I took them down to the sitting room today the better to enjoy them but hope it won't be too warm for them ~ I'm glad I kept this last one for myself ~ I sent eight mail order by Thompson & Morgan and then another three delivered here ~ Christmas dealt with in one simple operation, that was my total effort ~ I've done this for several years now but never kept a pot of bulbs myself before ~ I hope all my loved ones are enjoying their hyacinths too.  Having difficulty finding picture ~ try again in the morning.

Wednesday ~ Ellen popped in to ask about my finger problem ~ she and Martin are off to Holland for six weeka (Ellen is Durch)  ~ good chat with Georgie ~ another damp dark dreary day ~ PMQs mostly about the NHS ~ I am enjoying the poncho W & A gave me ~ soft, light weight, warm and colourful ~ someone coming from Heart Shop in the morning to collect a bag of things that might bring in a few quid ~ it is good for me, sorting things iout for them ~ it invariably leads to quite serious tidying ~ I do hope Richard will agree to come and clean the high shelf in the kitchen which I was doing myself until a few months back even though it meant climbing on the table and up and down for clean water ~ OK I'm definitely past it !

Thursday Kate's birthday ~ sent her various photos from her childhood which pleased her I think ~ Kate has been with me through thick and thin, in North View after our divorce and during my first years up here and stuck by me even when I was behaving atrociously ~ Johnny came to supper that is he brought fish and chips and wine ~ I'm so glad we are friends ~ pushed him off at 9 so that I could watch the next instalment of the history of this quite elegant Victorian terraced house in Liverpool which Barbara had reminded me of earlier ~ fascinating.

Friday : I'm too blind tonight ~ will try to catch up tomorrow when I'm feeling brighter ~ OK ~ Saturday morning ~ at last, signs of life next door ~ ladders and stuff all over their yard ~ it is certainly going to be a holiday let but anything is better than all these months of emptiness ~ I must fo out and say hello ~ chilly morning but still no snow ~ must remember it's Doug's birthday tomorrow ~ he'll be 18 !   because of complications with Dan, both of Kate's boys were born in hospital ~ my mind really is going ~ downstairs, I think I'll come up and add THIS or THAT to the blog, but by the time I've got up here, I have no idea WHAT I intended to say !   Woorrying !   Another finger on the same hand seems to be folding over ~ hope problem does not affect the other hand ~ it makes me clumsy, ham fisted.   I remember when that photo was taken ~ I was prompt for the Chesil Production of "Oh What a Lovely War which they put on up at The Tower in the grounds of Danemark School ~ I put my glad rags on for the Last Night Party after which Peter Chew drove me home begging for a kiss ~ meanwhile Fred's car was drawing up behind us and as soon as Peter drove off, Fred drew up and pulled me in ~ ~ and all this time Howard had been loojing down from our bedroom window and I did not care ~ my behaviour at that time was nothing short of outrageous ~ it's a wonder he didn't divorce me, poor Howard.   It was partly that Fred had persuaded me that everyone was at it ~ he expressed amazement that for so long (20-odd) years I had been a faithful little wife ~ I am not onle sorry for the pain this must have caused my husband but also for the shame at how easily Fred had qon me over to his philosophy of free love and never mmind who gets hurt along the way ~ I don't think Howard reads my blog, vut whether or not I do apologise and realise how monstrous my behaviour was at that time ~ unsurprisingly, within a couple of years we were divorced, on account of HIS adultery !   But that's enough of confession for now ~ more than enough !!

The high shelf which I can no longer reach, not even standing on the table