Kate and Alan's boys ~ Dan and Doug

Happy 18th Douglas

Left a message with Kate ~ Doug had gone to Manchester with his mates ~ lots of activity next door again with ladders and stuff out on the yard and a bit of banging in the house but I still haven't spoken to them ~ Johnny says they've come up from Hampshire ~ still no break in the gloom ~ had a happy party with Johny and his girls and a bottle of champagne !   it was 9 o'clock before I got out of bed ~ OH DEAR !  I keep doing something silly which means the text is all in capitals ~ must take more care ~ 

Monday ~ Belinds popped in from number 5 where they are both so busy ~ lng chat with Georgie ~ raing again ~ heating on ~ washed hair which used to be such a regular chore but now is a Big Challenge ~ sad ~ the next finger is curling over ~ hope this doesn't happen to both hands ~ googled it and it is said to run in families though I can't remember anyone suffering from it ~ could go way back but then again it has to start somewhere ~ a bloody nuisance though no pain as long as I don't try to straighten it ~ I'm still struggling with the kindle when it comes to downloading the next book ~ learning all the time ~ have just started an Alexander McCall Smoth, one of his Scotland titles, A Time of Love and Tartan ~ easy reading

Tuesday ~ Guy the Aga engineer came to give it annual service ~ £115 ~ actually I'd forgotten he was coming but ubearthed rge letter from Country Warmth @ a good thing that has been done vefore Richard comes tomorrow to clean high shelf etc ~ on the phone he seemed happy to come and do it once a month which would be marvellous ~ the high shelf and the corner behind the Aga are a disgrace ~ Wednesday and Eichard came as promised and spent 3 hours cleaning the high shelf and the window ~ passing all jugs and things down to me to was and all looking wonderful ~ the GOOD NEWS is he is going to come and do it regularly, once a month, which should mean it never gets this bad again ~ he agrees ~ it is the AGA which somehow draws the dust to it ~ he and Di have an AGA themselves, a black one, so he knows what he us talking about.   Ellen popped in on her way to meet a friend for a healthy walk on the moors ~ there was talk of ticks and the problems they can cause ~ safest to walk with trousers tocked into boots ~ she very kindly brought chocs ~ a packet of three xxxxx (I'll check when I go downstairrs ~ oh, hang on WALNUT WHIPS, 3 ~ what a treat ~ they used to be my serioys weakness and I got rather fat ~ haven't had one for years @ yum-yum !

Thursday 8.30pm : snow first thing but it soon melted away ~ Diana was here and worked hard as usual ~ appointment for AUDIOLOGY department next Friday for ear trumpet ~ it's taken them two months and this is almost certainly triggered by my phone call on Tuesday : at this rate I could be dead before the hearing aid is ready : You have to wait your turn on the queue ~ anyway instant results so that's good ~ O ust order Patient Transport with wheel chair to get me down the yard ~ another episode of this interesting program about the hostory of a house, a rather elegant Liverpool terrace 1840 ~ this was the sort of work I was doing when I worked in the Hampshire Record Office, inn Winchester Archives ~ the best job I ever had ~ I loved it but as unqualified assistant, when Mrs Thatcher's cuts came, I was sacked !

Saturday 5pm and just out of the bath ~ Peter and Margaret are next door and we were all worried by the ladder dangling from number 5's oof but decided it is not likely to crash to earth ~ the new neighbour who left it there after their visit last week is a builder so should know what he's doing ~ S's delivery so fridge bursting with good food ~ tonight vegie bake with grated cheese ~

Sunday ~ 9.30 by the time I got downstairs !   Must get a grip !   good chat with Georgie ~ washed hair at last ~ these days it seems like a major undertaking when even including drying it scarcely takes 10 minutes !   The poncho thing that Agi and Will gave me for Christmas is wonderfully WARM   LIGHT   SOFT   and COLOURFUL ~ I must get a photo ~ the ladder is still clinging on to next door's roof !  Snowing later but not really settling 

hope this will not slide off roof ~ it looks precarious, don't you think, and the new owners won't be back till next weekend !

last summer's glorious periwinkles ~ all my own work !