snow swirling round yard

9.30 and just a quick word ~ Sue was here first thing to change my sheets for the laundry tomorrow ~ Barbara dropped by on her way home from the gymn ~ she has been gripped by the snooker for days ~ as I came to from flop Ellen and Martin arrived and we had a very lively hour knocking back some more of the Xmas Bailey's ~ at last I found the photo of Doug with watering can ~ I'll attach it in the morning but for now, time to switch off ~ good night one and all 

Tuesday and rather pissing around this morning ~ at last I understand why there are two different styles of door ~ the six panelled are in the best rooms ~ the parlour and the master bedroom (mine) along with front door ~ the stair door also has six penels to take account of its height ~ trying to phone Patient Transport to get me up to Whitby Hospital on Friday morning to collect hearing aid ~ will try again later ~ when I came here several cottages in the yard were lived in, now apart from me only Tom & Mary ~ most of Whitby's old yards are given over to holiday lets ~ soon there could be nobody actually living on this side of the river ~ sad !

Email from David M at no.4 ~ no.2 is up for sale at all-but £200,000 ~ from pics it does look splendid and splendidly furnished but already apart from mine and Keynsham (T & M's) , none of the cottages are actually lived in  ~ unless my kids save this one, when I die as far as residents go,  Mary and Tom will be alone in the yard.   Opened the last of the Chrustmas chocolates ~ Harrod/s no less ~ but compared with the outer dimensions, the box is scarcely half full ~ delicious nevertheless ~ brought several of the solar lights in and washed them but not enough sunlight to keep them going long ~ booked transport to Whitby Hospital on Friday to collect ear trumpet ~ sans eyes, sans ears, sans just about every bloody thing !   Swapped the fleeces over with the green/navy check on my chair, the other on the sofa ~ both so silky soft ~ Ellen looked in this morning to see if she'd left her gloves here but no luck ~ Mary offered to give me a lift to Ear Clinic on Friday but I need Patient Transport who bring a wheel chair to get me down to ambi=ulance there-and-back ~ no complaints about NHS as far as I am concerned ~ marvellous care and all free ~ the ladders dangling from next door's roof are firmly tied to the chimney stack though in these old properties that might not mean much ~ as I've told you, my house was   built in 1750 but all the lower cottages are much older almost certainly dating from around 1600 ~ two of the old hovels were almost certainly demolished by by Jonathan Sanders to make room for this rather splendid house he built for his new bride, a wealthy widow whose first husband had owned all the properties in the yard and that includes those that occupied what are now are gardens ~ his wealth had come from his whaling boats and particularly from his sail cloth manufactory in what is still known as Sanders Yard.

Thursday ~ sad news from Brother Bill ~ their new grandson Donnacha is discovered to be stone deaf ~ his parents John and Roisin sound as if they are coping with this awful news ~ the kind of thing we all feared at the birth of a child ~ poor souls, all of them, including Fran and Jody who  called in on me recently and to my shame I did not realise who they were, these casual visitors from Chislehurst !  It only needed me to say, "Now tell me who you are."   Or perhaps for Fran to say, "I don't believe you know who we are . . . "   I really could kick myself.   Diana here whizzing round with hoover ~ Lucy came with doughnuts and had a good catch-up ~ I think she has given up the udea of moving nearer York ~the final episode of four about this terraced house in Liverpool @ fascinating stuff ~ good chat with Rita once I'd found the number ~ it is her 85th birthday

Saturday 4pm ~ the new owners are busy next door doing it up for a holiday let ~ Mary tells me number 2 was sold within hours of going online for £200,000 the full asking price and without the buyers even coming to see it !   These old cottages are money spinners once modernised for holiday lets ~ that's 2 3 4 and 5 that have all changed hands recently, and crystal's too ~ if no 2 sells for that price, what will mine be worth ?   ith pore Georgian features throughout and unlike all the lower properties, with TWO rooms on each floor ~ well even if the family decide not to hang on to it wheb I/ve gone, it should give them a tidy sum each and that's even when the equity I took from the value all those years ago is taken into account.   Such sad news from Bill that John and Roisin's baby is stone deaf ~ poor things, a terrible shock,   I guess we all dreaded a diagnosis of this kind with the birth of each and every baby ~ to have to accept that he will miss out on music and laughter and bird song and pebbles crashing down the beach and words of tenderness and comfort ~ poor little Donnacha ~ and he may never know how much he is missing ~ maybe with medical advances they may be able to give him some hearing.   The very day this news came through, I was going to collect my NHS ear trumpets ~ free of course on the HNS ~ at my age nothing out of the ordinary ~ each patient had the best part of an hour with the Audiologist ~ Patient Transport came at 9 for my 10.45 appointment so I was jolly grateful when the receptionist brought me a mug of good hot tea ~ I was going to say it was funny, these two things happening on the same day, but of course it wasn't funny at all ~ the baby's lack of hearing is a tragedy really, so sad.


Oh wow ~ a box of luxury chocs !

But what's this ~ thanks to the wide border only HALF as many as expected from size of box ~ HARROD's luxury chocs !