I bought this for John and got it back eventually and now could not manage without it

With Mother and David at Lynfield Cottage, Lustleigh c1935


A bright crisp day ~ sent RTW rather poor copy of Peggy's train picture ~ Mum gave it to David and David left it to Jane ~ perhaps I can copy it here ~ Peggy must have painted it during a visit to Mother and us (David and me) in Lustleigh in the mid-thirties ~ unlike her other work it had never been seen outside the family until a few years back when Jane lent it for exhibition of Peggy's work in Eastbourne ~ living at Furlongs, Glynde for sixty-plus years, Peggy was considered by them as a local artist.

Tuesday ~ Barbara came in on her way home from the library ~ she has a wonderfully healthy diet with 3 or 4 veg most nights along with a main dish ~ I eat quite healthily with very rarely meat or fish ~ tonight I had baked mushrooms and tomatoes sprinkled with chopped onion plus poached egg ~ Lynfield, their second cottage in Lustleigh was very old and although I would only have been 2 or 3 at the time, I have a memory of an enormous bolder in the sitting room, a bolder around which the house had been built ~ I'll see whether I can contact the Lustleigh Archivist about this ~ she was reading my blog and sent me a message some time back, delighted to hear of the family's time there in the 1930s .

Got carried away by Lustleigh stuff ~ one final fact, during the War with Bristol Blitz raging, David and I were sent back to Devon to Mapstone a farm house high up above Lustleigh which was being run as a small boardng school by two friends ~ I only remember Jill Salmon ~ in 1940 David was taken home home to Bristol and to Knowle Park School from where he got a scholarship to Bristol Grammar School ~ Stephen and Nancy were also in Lustleigh with two other friends including FRANCES JOHNSON the family's life long friend who took in a dozen babies some of them orphans, their families killed in the blitz ~ two of these infants Frances and her friend adopted~ sadly thanks to the epilepsy I remember nothing of these Devon years. 

 Wednesday and Richard busy in all our gardens and will be here next week to clean the high shelf in the kitchen andthe  cupboard under the sink ~ such a help.   My eyesight gets steadily worse and I can hardly see what I am doing here ~ hope I can see enough tocontinue sending weekly order to S's or I'll be lost ~ I am writing this with the help of a strong magnifying glass which I got for John and which eventually (in spite of hid charming family) came back to me.

8pm and a rather alarming knock on the door but backed up by Barbara calling through the letter box ~ it is this SPECIAL MOON tonight, a once in 500 years phenomenon with three special features (and I can't remember what they are ~ why don't you look it up for yourself ! ~ all occurring together ~ Barbara, bless her, hearing of it all day lomg on raio and telly, had decided to go out and see it with her own eyes and then very kindly had come to get me out on the garden to see it as well and certainly the moon looked larger and nearer and brighter by far ~ I'm so pleased to have seen it.

Friday 5.30pm ~ oh lord ~ alarums galore ~ Diana was here this morning giving the sitting room a good do ~ Georgie has been trying to phone me all afternoon but only got the engaged signal ~ she rang Barbara who in spite of only just getting in from the library dashed round to see if I had fallen or was lying dead on the floor ~ she realised at once that the phone had been unplugged presumably by Dhoovering this morning so all well that ends well ~ a comfort to see how they would all be concerned about my welfare, BLESS 'em !  S's order rather sooner than usual but only for £30-odd ~ in spite of my problems with opening a pot of soup last week, I've ordered another one ~ surely I can get the lid off !

Later ~ 4.30 ~ Several months back I lost all documents and email ~ heaven knows how ~ Chris Gill came to try and recover them but without success ~ all lost ~ Kate said it just goes to show how important it is to cope everything every day but presumably the copies would have been wiped out too ~ anyway earlier I pressed "recent documents" and everything was immediately restored ~ the items I have opened seem undamaged ~ very mysterious but praise the Lord !   S's delivery came and as usual it took the best part of an hour to sort everything out and find a home for it ~ I did get a pot of soup again in the hope that I can open it !   As the doctor predicted, another finger is curling over ~ again on the right hand ~ on Tuesday when Saul Black comes to cut my toe nails, I'll ask him whether he will do my finger nails as well, regularly.   I'm still amazed thatlast night Georgie having raised the alarm and phoned her, Barbara came along in wind and rain to check that I was OK when in fact I'd managed to switch the phone off after hoovering ~ how kind ~ how caring.  I am so enjoying the beautiful cape-poncho thing that Will and Agi gave me ~ I put it round my shoulders whenever I sit down ~ to read, to chat, to watch the telly.   Now I don't often buy clothes but recently I have bought two jersies ~ one a light-weight v neck, and the other a fabulous pink wool number with pattern round the neck ~ I have this problem with anything new ~ it takes me forever to get round to wearing it ~ four years back I treated myself to this super jersey off-white with blue flecks and splashes of silver knitted unto it ~ and can you believe much as I love it, I've only ever worn it once, to go along for coffee with the Doves ~ I somehow felt it was too flashy for this old biddy ~ a couple of times I've worn it in the evening purely for my own pleasure # and now this pink one has come and as soon as I unpacked it I knew I would probably only wear it alone and very rarely if at all ~ I should send it back but I badly want to keep it ~ what a cracj-pot !

Higher Above Ways ~ their first house in Lustleigh c1935

four years I've had it but only worn it once ~ too exotic by far !

Pure pink pleasure ~ but will I everdare wear it ?