Now and again Sue puts clean net curtains up above my bed

A busy day ~ Georgie came with beautiful flowers and Cornish pasties and lemon buns from Botham's ~ happy chat until she realised I was beginning to wilt and left me curled up with hot water bottle ~ later Samantha came from no.3 and then went down and brought her mother TRUDY up ~ such an interesting women working with handicapped children of all ages, bringing them into mainstream education no matter how hopeless some of their problems were ~marvellous ~ having eaten one of the pasties earlier, I could not face the dish of caoliflower cheese Mary brought down which I've put in the fridge for tomorrow ~ G opened the pot of soup which had come with S's delivery ~ perhaps I'll email them and ask if they can make the process easier for poor old dears with arthritic hands ~ another of these interesting programs this time from Portugal with famous actor husband and wife (names later) ~ finger nails are hideously long but with my brnt-over finger and its neighbour following suite I cannot cut them myself ~ Saul comes on Tuesday to cut toe nails by which time they will be like talons ~ so good to see Georgie today ~ in spite of ups and downs in the past, I feel we are firm and loving friends ~ what more can any mother ask ?

Sunday afternoon ~ Barbara popped in this morning and so was able to pick up the prezzy Georgie had left for her ~Justin's chocs ~ a small thank you for her rescue operation on Friday night ~ chilly and I'm going up for a bath while it is still light ~ my finger nails are far too lomg but will leave them till Saul Black comes on Tuesday ~ with my folded-over finger I simply can not cut them myself ~ Mary's lovely cauliflower cheese for supper ~ I have hust got it out of the fridge ready to go in the oven later ~ couldn't think why my mind has been full of our Lustleigh years especially as am only going from family hearsay but realise it started when Jane sent me a copy of Peggy~s picture of the train chugging along the line between Moreton Hampstead and Newton Abbot ~ of course the line has gone today, the service long ago closed down.

Monday 1.30 and Richard here cleaning high shelf and other areas in kitchen that I can no longer reach ~~ O used to dance around on the table ~ no sweat ~ Sue was here earlier to change my sheets ~ well bottom sheet and duvet cover which she does once a fortnight ~ inbetween whiles I reckon to flip the duvet over every morning ~ confidentially, since I had the bed to myself and nobody pawing me : "Come on, let's be having you . . . " and such like, I sleep naked which is sheer heaven as I always ended up with the nightie tied in knots ~ I also have a large shawl, a receiving shawl I think it is called ~ when I jump up in the night for a wee instead a grappling with dressing gown sleeves, I can just pull the shawl round my shoulders ~ a real blessing. 

You can see from the photo what a character Peggy was ~ of the 13 Angus children, Peggy was eleventh and our mother Louie came next, the twelfth and finally Leny ~ I know these enormous families were common enough in those days (Victorian and Edwardian times, before the availability of contraception ~ the poor women must have always been either pregnant or breast feeding another infant ~ of yhr Angus children 4 were boys two of whom died in infancy and Stuart and Archie were both killed in the First War ~ I came too late to know my Angus grand father but Mother told us that with the loss of all his sons he was a broken man, heart broken ~~he had oped to establish a firm of Civil Engineers akin to ~ oh bugger who are they ?   MacSome-thing-or-other we all know them ! A busy day ~ Diana was here hoovering (bless her), Mary came, Mary Smith _ she and Terry lived at number 4 for years until the stairs got too much for them and they moved to Saltburn, Bev popped in so happy to have moved back into Whitby from Glaisdale ~ she lived next door at number 5 until Eileen decided to sell it a year ago, David from number 4 popped in a couple of times ~ charming picture from E;;en in Holland of her family home ~ a fairy tale cabin in the woods ~ maybe I can copy it here ~ I must ask her.   The picture from Lustleigh (below) I have as screen saver at the minute and when I switch on it brings me a surge of happiness.

just to remind you . . .

Peggy Angus at her Sussex cottage, Furlongs ~ a magnet for artists and craftsmen and true originals from all over